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On Myanmar Street, you can find Buddhist halls and Dharma meetings,

mainly of the Theravada Buddhist faith.

They are majorly Theravada Buddhism,

and Myanmarese texts can be seen everywhere in the venue.

Residents cook meals for them to spread goodwill.

Myanmarese priests are requested to explain things, just like in Myanmar,

which Myanmar's religion is related to its habits.

The monks will come every morning to do the "鉢"(a monk's alms bowl),

which is a way for the monks to ask for alms, to make alms, and to make alms. (There are also statues of Buddha placed in the businesses for blessing.)

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Locals blessing with each other.

In addition, Myanmar Street often hosts festivals that we know about,

such as the Water Festival and End of Buddhist lent(the Lantern Festival).

It is time when they rise early to bathe in the Buddha's presence

and celebrate for several days during the water festival and the Myanmarese New Year. People pour water on each other for several days to wash away

The festival is said to be a celebration to wash away the bad fortune of the year. The Lantern Festival is said to welcome the arrival of Sakyamuni Buddha.

At sunset, every household lights a lamp to welcome the Buddha's return

to the earth and to receive his blessing. 

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