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On Huaxin Street, many local cultural and historical groups have been working quietly to introduce Huaxin Street to a wider audience.

Mingalar Par

We are documenting the common memories of the Myanmarese community and promoting the "Little Myanmarese" from Taiwan to the public from the perspective of local people through community visits, local publications, tours, and online media.

In addition to the traditional methods of lectures, tours, and local publications, they have also started to create a FB fan page to explain the culture of the local people and introduce the food that is important to modern people to increase awareness. In addition, we have also set up a website, using the Internet's far-reaching nature, so that people can learn about the people, history, and culture of the area without having to visit. It's not like the old days when you had to go to the streets of Myanmar to get a feel for it.


Brilliant Time bookstore

The bookstore acts as a transmitter because there are not many venues in Taiwan that offer Southeast Asian books, so the bookstore started the "Bring a book back to Taiwan that you can't read" campaign to pass on Southeast Asian language books to Southeast Asian immigrants and migrant workers working in Taiwan. In the process, it attracts people who are not familiar with Southeast Asian culture and becomes an exchange base. The store adheres to three principles: "Unlike bookstores, this store only lends books, unlike libraries, this store lends books for an unlimited period, and unlike book rental stores, this store refunds deposits in full. The store also organizes Southeast Asian events and teaches Southeast Asian languages.

We shot a photo by ourselves.

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