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Chu-Lin Private High School is located in the Zhonghe Nanshijiao area of New Taipei City, just a few hundred meters away from Myanmar Street. Countless students pass by it every day after school. However, instead of learning more about Main Street, the students unintentionally passed by this story-rich neighborhood. We felt it was a pity that we missed the opportunity  to learn more about the unique features of it since it's right beside our school.


Myanmar Street.

We shot a photo by ourselves.

So we decided to unite our students to preserve the culture of Myanmar Street.  We did this by looking up information on the Internet and learning from local historians.  We also decided to learn from local historians.  Then, we organized a tour to introduce the culture to family and friends.  In addition, we even made a video and broadcast about it, so more people would know about the precious Myanmarese culture that needs to be protected.

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