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Before entering Myanmar Street, at the two entrances to the street stands the prominent "Nanyang Tourist Food Street" sign.

No need to question whether you're in the wrong place.

That's the official name of Myanmar Street. But why isn't it called Myanmar Street?

The reason is that besides Myanmarese culture,

there are also cultures from Yunnan, India, and other areas.

There are even Dim Sum Houses. The street is not only Myanmarese in character, so it is called Southern Food Street.

So why do most people call it Myanmar Street?

It's because the residents and shops are almost exclusively Myanmarese. The people and stores are almost all Myanmarese related. 

This is why "Myanmar Street" is the more widely known name.

275432776_1324136864753755_3018914420256790942_n (1).jpg

The prominent "Nanyang Tourist Food Street" sign.

We shot a photo by ourselves.

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