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Project Negative


"Myanmar Street" is located in southern Taipei, Nanshijiao district. Most of the locals are overseas Chinese who used to live in Myanmar. The result of their immigration was highly related to "The Kuomintang in Burma". The street features not only Burma cultures but also various Southeast Asian civilizations. Since the street is also called Nanyang Sightseeing Food Street, visitors can try local South East Asian cuisines and enjoy a leisurely lifestyle as if living in Myanmar.


Through on-site investigation, literature search, and data analysis, we can understand the cultural characteristics, history, and the current development of Myanmar Street. If a lack of literature search or more in-depth understanding is needed, we will conduct interview to gather more information. At the same time, we will use images, set up websites, and take part in related courses to learn more about the street. All of the information gathered will be used in the interpretation activities on site. We also will use the unique eateries, special street sceneries, and historic development as an attraction, in the hope that more people will learn about the colorful culture of Myanmar street.


Our project will spread the culture and characteristics of Myanmar Street to more people . And others can learn about Myanmar's festivals, traditional cuisine


Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises

During the process, one of the team members accidentally deleted the data of the document halfway through production, so we had to make another copy of the same data. To compensate for the loss, the team member bought drinks for all the participants.

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