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       In our first grade of senior high school, we had the chance to meet with a lecturer, Mrs. Lily Yang, who introduced us to Myanmar Street. That was the beginning of our encounter with Myanmar Street. She is the founder of the cultural studio "Mingalar par." After the speech, we shared our views on Myanmar Street and our passion for preserving Myanmarese culture with her. Mrs. Yang was so generous that she assisted us with this project later.

   Through Mrs. Yang’s introduction, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of Myanmar. The geographical location and ethnic groups were mentioned in class. But we also explored the food, history, culture, and current political changes in Myanmar. She also introduced us to the basics of touring and shared past experiences, which was a great help to us in our later activities.

    With the background knowledge and the ability to express ourselves, we believe that the most vital prerequisite for local preservation is to know the local area. Many people reject or even disapprove of the culture because they do not recognize it. To get to understand Myanmar Street, we held a tour of Myanmar Street. The first tour brought together students, teachers, and parents to introduce the food, culture, and characteristics of Myanmar Street. We also bought local snacks to match the tour content and bring the audience closer to the street. Many participants tried Myanmarese milk tea and fish soup noodles for the first time after the tour. we were all glad that they were interested in the culture.

    After that, we also collaborated with "Mingalar par" to record a podcast and publish it on social media. In the podcast, We told everyone what we were putting effort into for two months, including investigating and demonstrating the characteristics of Myanmar Street for two months. During the process of recording, we also called upon people not to reject cultures they aren't familiar with and with different backgrounds. Finally, we worked with the school to produce a promotional video and our own video presentation. Our only goal is to protect the street that tells stories.


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